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Redeem $50 Off Recurring Pest Control in Dupont!
There is nothing worse than sitting down after a long day of work and hearing a buzzing or fluttering sound--the sound of a bug. Instead of chasing the pest down or hiding under the covers, call PCI Pest Control today! We are here and ready to take care of your pest control needs!

Family & Veteran Owned

We are family and veteran owned & promise to treat your home with the utmost care.


Recognized as a Thurston Green Business, we keep your home pest-free while focusing on eco-friendly practices. We provide the most effective and safe pest control solutions available. 

Community Involvement

We’re dedicated to keeping our neighbor's home's happy, healthy, and pest-free for good!

I would highly recommend the whole PCI team for any pest issues you are facing!


Pest Control in Dupont

Western Washington is known for its beautiful green trees. Unfortunately with those trees brings unwanted pests. Pests will find their way into your home, but they do not belong there! Our experienced Dupont exterminators are ready to get rid of your pests and to protect your home! PCI exterminators are trained to provide:

Redeem $50 Off Pest Control!

Environmentally and Family Friendly Pest Control Services

With PCI Pest Control, we value your safety. That is why our Dupont pest control is EPA approved! Not only are our products safe, so are our exterminators. Our Dupont exterminators are trained to use the correct amount of products and to apply them in safe areas in your home so you are getting the best formula in the best places! When signing up with PCI Pest Control, you can also expect:

  • Year-round services-to keep your home in the best shape and best protected from pests, our Dupont pest control is offered year-round!
  • Friendly and knowledgeable exterminators- our Dupont exterminators are prepared and more than willing to answer any questions you have for them!
  • Years of experience- PCI Pest Control has served the Sound Area for over twenty years!
  • Specific treatment to your home-each home and pest issues are different, so our Dupont exterminators are prepared to work with you and create a specific treatment plan for your home!
  • Discounts- we offer military, first-time and senior discounts!

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Affordable Pest Treatments - Save $50 Today!

We at PCI Pest Control understand that each family has a different budget. Nobody deserves to live with a pest infestation because they can’t afford the treatments.  That is why we are offering $50 off your initial pest control service!  Contact PCI Pest Control today for affordable pest relief!

Call us today at 360-628-8625 for your free estimate!

Rodent Control in Dupont

Between the scratching in the walls, damage to your belongings, and bothersome droppings, sharing your home with rodents is a real annoyance. Rodents such as rats and mice can put your loved ones at risk for dozens of diseases, such as hantavirus, tularemia, and salmonella. Our rat exterminators in Dupont are trained to remove current rodent infestations and prevent rodents from entering in the first place. We work quickly to provide long-term protection from rodents, giving you the peace of mind and safety you deserve. 

Our rodent control service in Dupont is tailored to the unique needs of your home and infestation, but you can expect the following from your rodent exterminator:

  • A thorough rodent inspection to assess the severity of your rodent infestation.
  • Family-friendly treatments that eliminate rodents, no matter where they’re hiding.
  • Exclusion repairs that seal off rodent entry points, preventing future issues.
  • Recurring preventative treatments to keep rodents from entering your home.


Our rodent control specialists are prepared to tackle any rodent infestation. They are trained to remove and prevent rats, mice, birds, bats, and more. Don’t let wildlife control your home any longer! 

Enjoy Peace and Comfort in a Pest-Free Home! 

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