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Get Your House Back From Ants With Our $15 Off Ant Control Offer

Do you have ant issues in your home? Are these tiny pests driving you crazy? Let us at PCI Pest Control take care of that for you.

Ant Control in Western Washington

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PCI Pest Control has been around for over twenty years! That is twenty years of helping families protect their homes, and get rid of creepy crawlies. We understand how important protecting your family is, since we are a family company ourselves. The home is a special place for families to gather together and create memories, not pests. Let us help protect your home from pests for good.

Specific Ant Treatment Options to Meet Your Needs

We offer:

  • Ant Inspections: There are many ant species in Western Washington – do you know which one you are dealing with? Make an appointment to have on of our trained technicians come out, so you know exactly which ant species is infesting your home. Different ants require different programs to control and prevent activity, so we want to provide the most specific treatment possible to make your home ant-free.
  • Ant Prevention Treatments: Ants are the #1 nuisance pest in the Pacific Northwest and you should expect activity at your home! But with the help of PCI Pest Control, you can get rid of these annoying ants because we offer preventative programs that will protect your home year round. PCI Pest Control exterminators will come to your home quarterly, bi-monthly, or even monthly if you desire to make sure your ant issues are taken care of.
  • Ant Infestation Treatments: If the ants have taken over your home, our infestation treatments will do the trick.  The ants will get kicked out of your home, for good.

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Why Choose PCI Pest Control?

Here at PCI, we care about all of your pest control needs. Not every company cares about their clients, but at PCI Pest Control, we will treat you like family. As a family-owned company, family is a priority to us, so automatically, you are a priority as well. With PCI Pest Control, we promise:

  • Award-Winning Service - We Have a 5.0 Star Rating With over 100 Reviews!
  • Same Day Service (If You Call Before Noon)
  • Locally Owned and Operated, We’ll Treat You Like Family

Ready to Get an Ant Free Home?

Award-Winning Services From a Top Rated Company

Our award-winning services can take care of your ant troubles and will ease your mind. PCI Pest Control has won the Daily Olympian award four years in a row, proving to be the best Pest Control company in western Washington. Along with this, we also have a 5.0 star rating on Google with over 100 reviews!  Let us solve your ant issues once and for all!

If you call us before noon, we can service your home the same day! Give us a call at 360-628-8625 to get your home back from the ants.

Our Ant Control Service Area

We at PCI Pest Control service all over the South Sound area, below are the cities we provide ant control for:

Get Your House Back From the Ants

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