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Insulation Installation and Clean-Up Services You Can Trust

We understand that there is a lot of confusion around home insulation methods and the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. When you partner with PCI, we will bring in experts to assess your home, repair insulation damage, and reduce heat flow in and out of your living spaces.

Insulation and Clean-Up Services in Washington

Properly insulated home

Adequate insulation is crucial for maintaining desired temperatures in your home year-round. During the summer, hot air from the outside will flow into your living spaces and during the winter, the heated air in your home leaks into any unheated spaces, including the outdoors. This means that your furnace and air conditioner need to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Increased insulation in attics, walls, crawl spaces, and basements can slow the flow of heat and decrease your heating and cooling bills. Chances are if your home was built before 2021, it doesn’t meet the more stringent requirements of the 2018 Washington state Energy Code. Fortunately, at PCI Pest Control, we have access to experts that can assess your home and update your insulation to protect you and your home from fluctuating outdoor temperatures.

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Insulation Services 

Although insulating new construction is pretty straight-forward, adding insulation to existing structures is easier than you think if you are working with experienced professionals. Since every home is different, PCI has expert technicians who will evaluate your property and make recommendations on which approach will be most effective for your situation while keeping your budget in mind. Our insulations services in Washington include:

  • New Construction: Rather than navigating the job yourself, by partnering with us you gain access to expertise on current code requirements, optimizes insulation selection, quick turnaround time with your schedule in mind, and savings with our volume discount on materials.
  • Attic Blow Insulation: There are many reasons to add insulation to the attic of an existing home. Between damage and changes in building codes, the use of blow-in insulation can replace lost materials or bring your attic up to current R-value requirements to limit heat flow through this space.
  • Wall Blow Insulation: If your home was built in the 1960’s or before, your exterior walls may not contain any insulation. Through holes drilled into exterior or interior walls, we fill the cavities with cellulose materials. This leads to increased comfort, decreased energy costs, and possible eligibility for a rebate from local utility companies.
  • Crawl Space Insulation: An area of your home that’s often overlooked is your crawl space. Because your heating and cooling equipment is at least partially located here, proper environmental control has a huge impact on your energy usage. Batt insulation is installed under the subfloor to come as close to current building codes as possible given the space available.
  • Spray Foam Insulation: Although this option is more expensive than other products, there are specific applications where it makes the most sense. We will advise you whether or not that is the case for your home.

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Clean-Up Services 

Often existing insulation in your crawl space or attic needs to be removed due to damage from rodents, wildlife, water, or countless other reasons. Whether you have blow-in insulation or batt insulation, trained professionals will safely remove the materials and restore your space to pristine condition. 

Our customizable clean-up services in Washington State include:

  • Vacuuming out old loose fill insulation.
  • Removal of damaged batt insulation and any vapor barriers.
  • Disinfection and sanitization of the space to kill any odors and organisms that may be present.
  • Installation of new vapor barriers, where appropriate, and insulation, while keeping the current building codes in mind.

Local Expertise Committed to Outstanding Service

Whether you are looking to replace insulation spoiled by animal or water damage or want to increase the energy efficiency of your home, PCI Pest Control has you covered. As a local company, we partner with knowledgeable experts that know insulation and our state’s building codes. With our underlying values of integrity and trust, our mission is to give you the best possible services without upselling options you don’t need. Contact us today to see how we can enhance climate control in your home.

Our Service Area

PCI Pest Control can provide insulation services in Western Washington. 


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Improve your home's energy efficiency 

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